Destination Celebration

We create celebration of your milestones at selective destinations and unique locations.

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Small group journeys

Interest specific Small group journeys to exquisite destination.

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Explore few destinations trending this season on Blingbird.

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Experiential travel, action packed and enriched with all new flavours of experiences & trends, entertainment, away from the ordinary travels offered in the market.



Welcome to Blingbird, a new- age luxury travel brand that proposes to bring to all privileged travellers a whole new meaning to travel and give them an opportunity to ‘Invest in experience’. We love to curate a destination with a rather unconventional approach, and work exclusively to provide experiential journeys to exclusive destinations in the world. We serve only those discerning enthusiasts, who love to explore a destination as a whole with the best of the experiences, exclusive itineraries, away from the ordinary in the market.

Private small group journeys

By Invite | By Reference | Members only | Collaborations | Few seats open to all

We take pride in executing few of our special - Luxury Small Group Journeys round the year based on specific interests, curiosity, learning & Cause to explore a chosen destination. These journeys are privately held along with like-minded curated guests to bring an unforgettable experience.

Celebrating your Life's Milestones in Style

As we create unique itineraries for a growing group of discerning travelers who have more on their mind when it comes to experiencing the destinations, they would love to celebrate their milestones also a bit more creatively to unique locations in the world.

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Puja Bansal

Today immersion travel is a trend sweeping across the mature travellers including the luxury segment. Not every experience can appeal to every client, so a mix of self guided exploration along with enormous range of authentic experiences were crafted by us. As exclusivity and perks come expensive, but travellers are willing to pay for services and uniqueness of the experience.