Experiential travel, action packed and enriched with all new flavours of experiences & trends, entertainment, away from the ordinary travels offered in the market.



  • Our journeys are private and highly personalized, along with our very own signature style to bring a new flavor to experiences filled with action & entertainment.
  • Touring and activities are flexible, with your own expert guide and chauffeurs in each destination. Explore at your own pace.
  • A perfect blend of included activities and leisure time. Each day is tailored so you'll never feel rushed but never feel lagged either.
  • The idea of immersion travel is enhanced by sharing only exceptional experiences between the guests.
  • A seamless holiday plan for busy individuals like yourself where signature experiences, unique hotels and comfortable transfers have all been pre-planned/booked for you – simply show up and enjoy the ride!

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Hand-picked Itineraries

Celebrating your Life's Milestones in Style

As we create unique itineraries for a growing group of discerning travelers who have more on their mind when it comes to experiencing the destinations, they would love to celebrate their milestones also a bit more creatively to unique locations in the world.

Private small group journeys

Cigars and Rum

Single Parents

Golf Courses of the World

Off the beaten path
Away from the crowd

As they say too many cooks spoil the broth, similarly a sea of tourists can ruin a perfectly planned vacation. We have handpicked a few chosen destinations that remain relatively free from masses and serve the true purpose, whether it be relaxing or celebrating a special occasion with your chosen few. Uniqueness of these places will bring more charm to the whole affair. Go away from the regular and add a new story to your travel diary. Pick Mallorca instead of Ibiza, venture south-west beyond Nice in France to explore Cote d’Azur, a beautiful Mediterranean coast of south eastern France. Blingbird brings uniquely individualized experiences and customized service to these destinations, making the journey as unforgettable as it is beautiful.

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Words by founders

Puja Bansal

Today immersion travel is a trend sweeping across the mature travellers including the luxury segment. Not every experience can appeal to every client, so a mix of self guided exploration along with enormous range of authentic experiences were crafted by us. As exclusivity and perks come expensive, but travellers are willing to pay for services and uniqueness of the experience.

Vinita Gupta

There is a growing documented trend in the world, with millennials influencing a new shift towards experiences over material things. Experiential travel options are being offered intermittently, in a limited interest specific way. Experience, discovery, and adventure do not always have to equate roughing it out or traveling backpacker style. On the contrary, certain exclusive experiences come with a price tag few can afford. Blingbird was born out of a growing demand for such travel options by the affluent travellers.