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Who we are!

Welcome to Blingbird – Our Vision

Launched in the year 2018 with the sole vision of making it the most unique and creative travel house in the country, where evolved travellers, who are done with the usual, can feed their curiosity to search for something new to explore. 

Unique Preposition – Our USP

Experiential is our style - As we bring to the market more immersive travel, our focus remains in curating & finding the hidden gems, searching off the beaten path experiences and proposing newer and less explored destinations in the world. Blingbird also proposes Luxury private small group journeys, that are partially BY INVITE and partially OPEN TO ALL , to create a whole new consortium of premium travellers from the world. Away from the regular run off the mil journeys and destinations, we make sure to propose something that you may have missed in your travel before.

As Steve Jobs says 


The Idea - The Journey

The founders who themselves are avid travellers found the need in the market to find one such travel company where they could find all their answers to search for something new. For a very long time, it was always this hours of research required, as most of the companies offered regular destinations, with incomplete research. 

The concept was launched for more evolved travellers, who have seen the regular Paris and London, looking to explore more, who do not wish to compromise in quality and service. The idea immerged from a personal need and came into the market as a big concept, evolving faster to establish as a luxury travel Brand in the world to cater to the best of the best in the market. 

Our Private small group journeys for luxury clients - A Market Message

The concept of Blingbird private small group journeys was exclusively launched for luxury segment who did not hold good opinion of the group journeys offered in the market. We did face a lot of catechism whether luxury segment will buy into our group journeys, and we did attain success in proving our point of being unconventional and exclusive. The concept was kept by invite, and today we literally recruit clients on each journey to make sure a perfect group comes around to experience these special curated Blingbird Journeys.  


The people behind the whole venture truly believe that Luxury can mean different to different people. To some it can be going all out to off the beaten locations where they can avoid tourists and to some it can mean doing the best of the experiences in more buzzing locations. But the beauty is to create every itinerary and every journey different and creative for our guests and make them addicted to you.

Puja Bansal


Abhay Mehra


Mr Dilip Cherian

Our Mentor & Guidance

Here we end - “Not just a stamp on your passport, come back with the story”