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A Small Paradise in French Alps: Megeve

How do you imagine a crystal snowball? A cute little hut, snowman, and snowflakes. What a small paradise in itself, on your shelf, making you feel winter every time you close your eyes. Consider Megeve as that crystal snowball for the whole wide world. Feeling the chill yet?

Megeve is famous for skiing, this gem is hidden inside Mont Blanc, wherein you can find natural snow and with it, 175 snow cannons making sure you can ski all year long. But this little wonder got a lot more to offer.

Let’s look out for places which Megeve, the magic it is:

  1. Mont d’Arbois : A beautiful vast area with breathtaking slopes and view has a space of skiing both for adventure seekers and beginners. This snow-clad paradise is perfect even in summers but for hikers looking for adventure in the mountains of Mont d’ Arbois. Through a walk down the forest, you will find Planellet which is just a small walk away but worth it because of the beautiful view, it gives while you are there.
  2. Le Chemin du Calvaire: Postcards are so dreamy, you feel like living in those little landscapes every time you see one but then hustle takes over, but Megeve has this little picturesque haven for you to take a stroll in and just soak the environment in.
  3. Megeve Rochebrune Cable Car: A perfect way to go around Megeve for a city tour covering the mountains surrounding Megeve, the valley and streets of Megeve. Although it is busy around peak season and totally opposite when comes to off-season when there will be just the operator and you in the car.
  4. Musee de Megeve: This small town’s history is preserved quaintly and beautifully in this Museum, which you can access for free!
  5. Les Fermes de Marie: After skiing and trip down whole Megeve, we are certain your feet and back need a spa and what is better than a spa with a view? More like a resort in the mountains, this mood-lit with chalet decor spa will not only put you in the mood but also have massages that can treat your ailments.

Apart from these, there are several other highlights this town possesses and are sure enough to amaze you as well with their charms.


Since we mentioned Musee de Megeve, which is the Museum of Megeve, let’s talk about the history of Megeve.

Being a typical village of Haute Savoie, Megeve has a unique history with an enthralling setting, which makes it even more than what it looks like in the pictures.

In its initial days, Megeve’s french resort was a peaceful market town, or so it was known until the 1920’s. The name Megeve found its origin in the Celtic word ‘Mageve’ which meant a town that floats of water. It was actually a metaphor explaining the fertility that Megeve held for farming and other produce-related products. 

It was much later that Baroness Noémie made this revelation that Megeve could also be a great tourist destination, a perfect ski resort getaway that could be experienced by all.


Why should Megeve be on your list next for the reason being that:

1. It is the 3rd largest Ski-Destination in France

There is always a huge curiosity around places that hold world records and Megeve has been given the 3rd largest destination for Skiing in France. For the love of skiing, Megeve opens its arms wide in the Mont Blanc region for you to taste the area which stretches over 445km and got 220 slopes, 107 ski lifts, and five breathtaking snow parks and nursery parks too, for beginner skiers.

Megeve offers skiing to anyone and everyone, hence, if you are a tab bit interested in how skiing actually feels like or you’re already a veteran, hoping to conquer a height, this place is for each one of you.

2. Villages with Old World Charm

Whilst there is thrill and adventure in the folds of Mont-Blanc, the village life balances it out with the charm and beauty it adorns one with when you visit Megeve. Unlike the other tourist places where the culture gets diluted and you see a lot of crowd and parties, Megeve functions the other way.

The village is quaint and beautiful since party scenes are out of the scenario. There are a lot of pistes or tracks you may call which goes in and around the village to explore if you’re a fan of walking and enjoying the view along. What is more exciting is that the place is car-free and hence, the atmosphere is clean and healthy for one to detox oneself from the mainstream city life.

3. It’s Tryst with Nature

When we said it is picturesque, it wasn’t a brag. The beautiful slopes and ranges of Mont-Blanc adding challenge and thrill. Whereas you can find interesting and beautiful rock formations. The spaces far stretched have forests that mirror those fairytale woodlands on which fresh snow has fallen, and the whole view is like glistening the eyes with beauty par standards and conventional measures. 

Megeve is a whole new world in itself.

4. Got great food

Beautiful landscape with amazing food is a combination you can’t resist and afford to miss. Megeve has some gastronomically fulfilling Michelin-Star Restaurants that serve lip-smacking cuisines and also come with a great view of 360-degree of the mountains. As per the sources, some of the highly esteemed restaurants include Le 1920, Flocon de Sel and L’Alpette.

Megeve is romance and magic all folded in one place. The village offers you everything you expect out from a destination and ensures that your break from the city life is as much refreshing and quaint, as you want it to be. Restoring all that has been bestowed by nature on it, Megeve is making your getaway, just perfect and authentic as possible.

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