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An Unexplored Honeymoon Escapade | Lofoten Islands

There is a shift in how couples now conceive their idea of a romantic honeymoon. More than snuck up to a cottage, by the lake walk or the beach house, the honeymoons they are looking for should have an adventure, a slice of history and something completely outlandish.

Norway is that one destination where you get to enjoy the cliches of a romantic getaway along with which you can experience natural wonders like Fjords, snow-capped surroundings and fascinating valleys.

As a location, Lofoten Island is a remote area and at the same time, one of the extremely alluring places on earth. If you as a couple is interested in photography and to be specific, astrophotography, this place is heaven. For not so artistic but more thrill-seeking couple, you come across hiking and cycling to enjoy in this region.

The coastline is jagged and mountains are colossal in Lofoten with many colonies of birds and familial fishing villages. The weather is serene and calm throughout the year.

Lofoten Island | The location

In comparison to the whole region of Scandinavia, Lofoten is one of the best and a must-visit the place. Situated in the northwest coast, Lofoten Island’s chain of mountains is the highlight across Norway.

This place requires your undivided attention and a long timeline. It is not that you can swiftly experience it in two or three days, but a week-long vacation should be on the cards.

The wilderness it offers along with untouched, authentic and blissful nature isn’t something to be ticked off on a bucket list but thoroughly experience while eating, breathing and living in its presence.

Lofoten will be the best place to spot Northern lights in the whole of Arctic Circle along with it, the region is friendly to tourists and has small and quaint villages to visit which are nestled at the foot of the mountains.

The Beguiling Cities of Lofoten Islands

It might come as a surprise that the untouched Lofoten Islands have city-structure within its ambit. Here are few cities of the Lofoten Islands.

1.    Svolvaer :

The capital of Lofoten, Svolvaer has its own airport which is well-connected to all Nordlandic regions and also via boat as well. It is also one of the largest city in the archipelago. Although if you talk about its population, that is 5000, from that parameter, the place is peaceful and secluded. It allows you to be in a city’s capital which is away from the city’s hustle-bustle.

2.    Henningsvaer :

The Venice of Lofoten, Henningsvaer is a bustling fishing village. Like other places in Lofoten, this is also a small island which is just 8 km long. The world’s largest supply of Codfish is exported from here. But what is more exceptional is their cordial relationship with their environment. They are preserving their natural heritage with quayside buildings and sway-backed rorbu cabins which not only compliments the well-being of the surroundings but also the infrastructural needs of the at present population.

3.    Stamsund :

Again a fishing village but extends its culture to galleries and handicrafts which is native to Lofoten and Norway at large. You will find yourself amidst an environment which is completely untouched and unspoiled. The main reason could be that the fishermen who live there in Robru Cabins only stay for some part of the year and rest they spend on the sea. Apart from this, you get to indulge in some adventurous activites like hiking to Justadtinden. Haukland Beach and Unstad Beach are perfect places to go for bike rides or just a drive.

4.    Leknes: 

Hailing the legacy of Vikings and striking scenery, this part of Lofoten is much lively and dynamic than Stamsund. Even from the population point of view, it is the largest coastal and densely populated area of Lofoten. But what is similar is the importance of preserving nature which is somehow the law of the land. Therefore, few items are not permissible in the Island. The easiest access to this Island is through the water as the nearest airport is a little far to commute from. This way you get to enjoy the waters aligned to this beautiful Island. The delicacy of this land is Stockfish.

5.    Ramberg : 

A beautiful white sand beach and in the shape of a crescent, you know it is Lofoten’s Ramberg. To add another star to its collar, it faces clear turquoise water which is just breathtaking. The description sounds quite tropical but it is very much the Arctic. Proof? You would find more Polar bears than Sharks! 

If you are hoping to find a cosy and nestled place to enjoy your cherished moments, this is the place to be in the Lofoten Islands. Ramberg also have multiple small shops and harbour where you can go and fish.

Lofoten is an exceptional beauty which is set across the Norwegian Sea. Here you meet the solitude and romance which one expects from a destination honeymoon. As an area, Lofoten is very concerned and stay on the lookout to preserve its environment, therefore you will also learn a lot how this island is beating the evils of climate change, one day at a time.

The exceptional thing about Lofoten is that it will offer you a diverse landscape that means several varied activites are on the cards for you to try like hiking, fishing, scuba diving, or ocean rafting. The Island also hail the folklore and history of Vikings, so as a couple if you are an enthusiast about historical facts and civilisation, Lofoten has that as well for you.

Rest, it will also give you the typical essence of Norway which are Aurora Borealis, Midnight sun and breathtaking mountains. So are you up for celebrating and welcoming the new phase of your life in the Lofoten Islands?

By Blingbird.co

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