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Croatia: “King’s Landing from the Rear”

Danny owned the King’s Landing but was never able to cherish. Maybe because she actually went there with dragons, armies and offcourse, Jon Snow (who knows heck nothing) but you been the total queen will be going with your girlfriends, who truly got your back and not like ‘the backstabber’ (we know who). This trip will not just be exciting because you will be surrounded by gorgeous women but also because of the heritage and culture Croatia has to offer.

Coming to the reason why Croatia’s experiential journey is called “Women Who Love to Party” is because while curating this trip, we selected women who love to party & feel equally excited to discover & explore this idyllic haven on the Adriatic, known for its richly historic and evocative cities, exceptional food and wine, their culture and its heavenly sailing waters.

Croatia has a lot to offer apart from the Cultural and Historical heritage & GOT reminisces.

  • About a hundred miles of rocky coastline
  • Lip-smacking culinary experiences
  • Cobbled streets to explore and tread
  • Hopping Islands & Private Sailing
  • Wines, partying, clubs
  • Whole Adriatic coastline to explore 

Let’s head to what we have planned for this journey for you! Your stay in this beautiful city will be of seven days and six nights.

1. Your journey will begin by the welcomed of the beautiful city of Split or Spalato which happens to be the second-largest city of Croatia. With a perfect blend of culture, history, and modernity, the city is glistening with charm and life. You will be also visiting a UNESCO WORLD Heritage Site which is Diocletian’s Palace, one of the most iconic Roman Wonder where you will witness an array of bars, places to shops, eateries, the place with a distinctly ancient feel, you know that it thrived there for a long, long time.

2. The stay in the ‘Blu’, we mean the enchanting Radisson Blu Resort with a sea view room! You are definitely won’t be in the mood to leave that little paradise of your’s but the hotel has a lot of other things to offer like:

  • Usuals like free Wi-Fi, flat-screens, and minibars
  • Balconies with ocean views
  • Terraces with saunas and whirlpool tubs

3. The night awaits you to let loose and groove as we will be clubbing in the Vanilla Club. So, ladies be ready to put your best party shoes!

4. More into you are in this extravaganza, we will bring you closer to the dalmatian lifestyle. We will take you to a wine house where a sommelier is waiting for you to do the wine tasting along with olives, cheese, and prosciutto. The next thing will be to get a little touristy and go around the place for some sightseeing!

  • Diocletian’s Palace
  • TROGIR – Town Museum on the Adriatic coast

     Again, by the end of the day, you will be immersed in some dancing and great alcohol in the Central Club because our girls love to party!

5.  Another UNESCO site which is Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia’s famous will be graced by your dancing feet. This beautiful National Park is home to several wildlife creatures like:

  • Deer
  • Bear
  • Wolves
  • Boards
  • Rare bird species

     The park embodies about 16 lakes which are interconnected by waterfalls and is lush green with stretches of land covered with woods.

6.  Soon, the queens will be entering Croatia’s Queen Island which is Hvar. This place is named so because of the operational importance this land withholds.

  • Strategic and nautical position
  • The rich of the various historical periods
  • The culture and natural monuments
  • Literature

7.  Apart from these cultural and historic tipping points that Hvar is known for, there are other highlights as well. There is Blue Cave aka Blue Grotta, is located on a treasure island! (how amazing). It is like hardly 5 km from Vis Island and the atmosphere inside is to die for. The whole cave is filled is mesmerizing blue light, the reason it is so famous, but that is only for a certain time of the day when the sunlight hits the sea surface through an opening on the vault. The light reflects off the water and the white seabed, wrapping the whole interior in a layer of iridescent blue.

8. Too much indoor and traditional clubbing. Girls want more adventure and we will be delivering that. You will be partying on the third night on the ZEN BEACH CLUB, how dope! Girls, nothing beats beachside and beer in your hands

9.  With all these fun days and nights, we will bid adieu to Split and head to Dubrovnik, there we visit Peljesac Peninsula where will be going to a lot of wineries for tasting then oyster tasting and then to Mali Ston village for some offbeat exploration.

10. Here in Dubrovnik, we will be going to private sailing experience in the Elaphiti islands. The day consists of deep diving in the blue, relax and just absorb nature in its entirety. Mediterranean vibes will be felt all day long with food and the view around you.

11. The highlight of Elaphiti Island would be Bowa Restaurant. But the following days, a few things you must look out for will be:

  • Restaurant 360 Degree - A Michelin star restaurant
  • Lunch at Restaurant Nautica
  • The Banje Beach Club

     With all the fun to gather and absorb, the time finally comes to say goodbye to these days of carefree indulgence and scenic beauty. 

     To know more about the itinerary the link is given below.


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