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Exploring the exotic land of Borneo

What you want this summer? How about a tropical escapade? Let’s introduce you to a part of Malaysia which you would otherwise have not fathomed to explore otherwise. If anyone asks you to imagine Borneo, these phrases might help. Towering Trees. An abundance of Wildlife. Enchanting rainforests. Adventure is the very spine and essence of this beautiful land as its history roar about the head-hunters. Let’s venture into understanding Borneo like never before!

But before that, there are few interesting revelations about Borneo which you must know!

  • Borneo is divided into three countries: 

1.  Malaysia

2.  Brunei

3.  Indonesia

  • Home to the oldest rainforest in the entire world - 130 million years’ old

Now let’s fast forward to places you should explore and look forward to when you are in Borneo.


Borneo is home to this very special species of monkeys, Orangutan. Amidst a time of all the climate crisis, Borneo is actively working towards conservation of this species through rapid reforestation to make sure their natural habitat is conserved. The efforts are also coming out fruitful as Sabah forest is now protected up to 16%. The chances are while being on a wildlife safari, you would be able to witness the authenticity as far as nature is concerned, will be experienced by you.


If you are thrilled by trekking and hiking, Borneo has Mount Kinabalu to cater to your adventure streak. But it is no ordinary climb. Approximately taking two days, Kinabalu is South East Asia’s highest peak which stands proud at 4095 meters. All you need to do is hop onto a bus that will take about two hours and take you from Kota Kinabalu to the base of the Mount Kinabalu. From there your journey to the highest climb of southeast Asia begins. The climb can be easily booked at the base and it is advisable to secure permits as well before starting the journey, along with a guide and accommodation.


Meanwhile, restoration is on the cards, Borneo also has sanctuaries for displaced Orangutans which is called as Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. Here a natural environment is created to make them feel at home. You can easily find accommodation in the Sepilok Jungle Resort which is not much far, in fact, it is right beside the sanctuary. The establishment is right in the eye of the jungle and several trails that lead to various section of this deep forest.

Once you are in the sanctuary, you will find these chirpy creatures having a ball around the trees and going on with their usual lives while you assess them from a corner. The more you walk inside, you will find that there is a feeding platform, here the orangutans come every day almost for a meal which mostly include fruits and vitamin milk.

As rightly termed, a sanctuary, here the orangutans which are kept were mostly who were rescued, injured or orphaned. They nursed to them to bounce back to health and then they are transferred into the jungle. But to make this a seamless transition, the option and gates are almost always open for them if they crave a feast.

Overall, this experience will fill you with love for nature and how can one be more appreciative of the same.

Wildlife Sanctuary

All this while we have been talking about the wildlife, now it is time to experience that wildlife up close with a very special fellow, that will be UNCLE TANS JUNGLE SAFARI. A Borneo institution, this wildlife safari is an altogether very amazing experience. What is an add on in this whole experience would be Sabah’s best which you can get. All you need to do is to take a boat from Sungai river that will lead you to the heart of Borneo’s jungle, the camping there is one you must not miss!

The activities which you can indulge in here are:

  • River Safari
  • Night Trekking
  • Wildlife Sighting
  • Jungle stay & trekking
  • Great food!

The Pinnacles of Borneo

Found in Gunung Mulu National Park, these Pinnacles of Borneo are the structure of limestone and can only be discovered when you go deep into the jungle. For reaching here you will be crossing headhunters trail, the same headhunters who we mentioned earlier. Like Vikings to Norway, Headhunter are to Borneo. Therefore, it is a chance to unravel something really out of the ordinary and at the same time, experience an exquisite history about which you will learn along the way.

Deer Caves

What’s your opinion on Bats? Whatever it be Gunung Mulu Park have them ready in your arrival if you are visiting Deer Caves. Deer Cave is the largest cave chamber in the world and you can expect to see around 2 million bats flying during dusk to feed. As explained by one blogger who visited Deer Cave, she explained: “It was one of the most extraordinary sights I have ever seen in my life. A giant black cloud snaked through the sky performing an aerial ballet in front of our eyes.”

A lot is there to explore and unearth the hidden marvels of Borneo. This tropical paradise is a perfect summer getaway filled with adventure and picturesque landscapes. 

By Blingbird - Luxury Experiential Travel Curators

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