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Exploring Winter Wonderlands Across The Globe: Andalusia Edition

How do you imagine your Winter Wonderland?
Christmas sweets and treats, lots of shopping, snow, to begin with, but we want to take you to a place which is known to be visited during summers but actually secretly is a winter wonderland.

Here we will list the top 5 reasons why Andalucia is actually great to visit even in winter! Have a look.


Winters are all warm and cozy but there are few things which can keep us warm like blankets, hot chocolate, and skiing. Yes, skiing! It is quite popular in the region, Sierra Nevada resort is a great option for you to retreat to if you’re an enthusiast for skiing. 

As per the Olive Press article,

“The Granada mountain and ski resort boast 9 ski lifts and some 43.5km of trails in the areas of Borreguiles, Veleta, Loma de Dilar and Rio.”

Ever since the people across the country and especially Spaniards have been flocking the resort to witness and experience the slopes. What is so unique about the whole trip is that you can ski in the daytime and visit the coast, sunbathe around noon. Best of both worlds!

The Sierra Nevada mountain range is the second highest after the Alps, the resort gets to host a prolonged long ski season as they witness a good number of sunny days on the slopes. There are also many activities which the region host like FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Cup Super finals and the World Championships. It is a lot you can experience!


The temperature in Andalucia becomes pleasant around winters as the average remains 20-degree Celsius along the Andalucian coast. The region receives 300 days of sunshine every area, therefore you can still wear that bikini and enjoy basking and bathing in the sun and sea.

According to The Luxury Travel Blog,

“The warm Mediterranean maintains a balmier coastal temperature than inland, and it’s not uncommon to see people still swimming in the open sea in December.”

So swimming doesn’t go off the table, making you have a summer in winter. Next comes the beauty of Andalucian beaches which undoubtedly remains unbeatable and picturesque to witness and cherish all the way from Nerja eastward to Almuñecar.

There are other beaches near Cadiz and Tarifa, that have some famous activities for wind and kite surfing. Also, the winds and waves are quite tamed and you can have a very pleasant winter altogether.


There is a lot of crowd during winters in the UNESCO heritage sites in Andalucia. People have to book tickets in advance to visit the place but in winters the experience is much fulfilling and authentic as the rush is not much you get easy access and an authentic experience overall.

There is Alhambra Palace in Granda and the Mezquita mosque-cathedral in Cordbada, the famous heritage sites.


Andalucia, as you go on exploring, you will realize, offers a lot and have different and diverse terrain, there are beaches and cities ofcourse, there are mountains, olive groves, natural reserves and marshlands which one get to experience in the Andalucian region. The terrain is around winters perfect for hikers, mountaineers, and adventure seekers as in summers heat makes it impossible to enjoy, plus the distance is quite big to cover.  


Although what is Christmas without snow but Andalucian would still go out and party as they are in fact party people, both Navidad (Christmas) and Noche Vieja (New Year Eve) with culinary delicacies to be indulged in. There is snow but not all across the region but the party is on in every section with or without snow. The little villages and their narrow streets are decorated in lights and greeting written everywhere of Christmas.

The cities like Malaga and Seville are more at the end of having the grandeur, with their light displays, native scenes, markets, and window dressings. The spirit is still and firms with or without snowflakes, because there are massive decorations of snowflakes to compensate plus the happiness of the holiday season!

Andalusia has everything for different interest groups, you can choose how you wish to celebrate your Christmas and the upcoming year. The weather is different and you get to pick in which weather you are most comfortable to sing the merries. In all, this winter wonderland is diverse and inclusive and you should absolutely give it a go!

By Blingbird.co - An Experiential Luxury Travel House

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