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Exploring Winter Wonderlands across the Globe: Bergen Edition

Norwegian winters are a surprise to someone who is accustomed to a set pattern of sunset and sunrise. Also, during the season, all you can see as far as you can is the Christmas Spirit and the region neck-deep in snow.

The Bergen winter is difficult although there is a lot to explore like museums and other attractions but the sunsets around 3 pm and doesn’t rise until 10 am in the morning, so it becomes difficult to explore but you will not be bereft of the Christmas cheer and festivities since the whole town drowning in that feeling.

Bergen is a small town, you can even explore it on foot in your snow boots while you enjoy the snow and picturesque landscape of this little haven. If you want to visit say, Mount Floyen,  you can also take up funicular until there if you are in the mood. Just in case on foot it is not your style you can use the local transport like buses to around the town for sight-seeing.

Let’s explore Bergen.

This place came into origin for the sake of Winters. You would look at the town and you would go like that even the settlers settled here so that their upcoming generations can have a Christmas throughout the year. There are Christmas cheer, cobblestone streets to wander on and winter sunset view through the mountains.  This just all sums up to be the best Christmas even when it is not the season.

The place and the feel are enchanting and the only term you can give to this place is winterish, that pretty much sums up how you feel when you hear Norway, and the snow, skiing and visiting the fjords but Bergen takes that feeling to next level.

Downtown Bergen

It is like one of those places which can be enjoyed even without an itinerary and thus, bringing thrill and sense of wonder throughout your journey. There is nothing, in particular, that should be in your bucket list, you must lookout for the beauty of downtown Bergen. The whole place has cobblestone streets and primordial buildings. Along the way, you would find different and quaint little shops and cafes. 

It is a refreshing change that the entire city is running by independent chains and stores, making them out from the mainstream league and turning to small enterprises and brands.

From the ‘Hood – Ladegården and Sandviken

It would be a great idea if you opt for Airbnb which will give you a chance to live like a localite, especially in Ladegarden. You get to explore and wander in the hood and can also visit places like Sandviken. In both places, there are pretty houses, valleys, and mountains to look and behold. You will cherish the quietude and the scenery.

The diversity of the Terrain | Hike up to Skredderdalen and Mount Fløyen

Bergen offers you a beautiful contrast of terrain when you visit. There is a retreat by the water and then thrill lying in the mountains. If we focus on mountains, Mount Fløyen and Mount Ulriken are two very famous and popular mountains of this region. Ulriken is the highest range of Bergen and you can enjoy zip-lining there.

Fløyen, on the other hand, offers a beautiful townscape and a panoramic view of the city. Even if you don’t hike up to the highest point of the mountain, you still get to enjoy the view the hike offers.

But in the hindsight, if these two are not fitting in your plan, you can opt for Skredderdalen which is more intense with respect to Fløyen. But the wilderness Skredderdalen provides is outlandish. You would be perplexed that it is the second-largest city of Norway but when you walk up to its city center it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere.

The Iconic | Bryggen

To witness the Hanseatic Wharf houses, you must hit Bryggen, which is the iconic sight for these houses and also it has a very prominent historical legacy. These houses were first built around the 14th Century when a merchant guild established its office, since these, this form of architecture has been practiced in this part of Bergen. The whole vibe is so “back in time” that you would not feel that we are far past it. This is the major reason why Bryggen is identified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

A romantic getaway and a historic ride, Bergen has a lot to offer apart from snow in winters. So if you are wondering where to go this winter where you can experience more than making snow angels on fresh snow, bergen could be that place for you.

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