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Exploring Winter Wonderlands across the Globe: Salzburg Edition

Tis the season to be merry and the season to dust off our bags and travel to places where winters are glaring, and the views are to die for. One such place is Salzburg which we will be exploring.

Why Salzburg fits to be your next winter travel destination, here is the reason why!

When comes to Austria, people talk about how Vienna is the place to be or a must-visit destination. But Salzburg stands out to be more quaint, endearing and a stunner.

Let’s first explore the features and vibes Salzburg radiates as a Winter Wonderland.

Entering Salzburg is a moment in itself. When you are in the city during winters, the following are patent sights you will witness and will be in awe of the place there and there.

Chilly & Cold nights, roofs in the blanket of snow and keeping the season in mind, Christmas Markets and smell of Gluhwein tingling your nose, is just how Salzburg will welcome you if you are planning to pay a visit.

Having a little detour and diverting your attention to this very special part of Christmas which is Gluhwein. Mulled Wine is a part of Christmas and is called by different names in different countries as per the language and tradition. This wine is actually an amalgamation of Red Wine along with various mulling spices and at times, raisins as well.

Gluhwein, on the other hand, is native to German-speaking or the region of Alsace in France. Glühwein is made from red wine, heated and spiced with cinnamon sticks, cloves, star aniseed, citrus, sugar and at times vanilla pods. 

Moving on, Salzburg has a historical twist to it as well. So, if you’re a historical enthusiast, you’re sure to be treated damn well while you’re on this journey.

Who remembers Mozart?

Yes, the world-renowned composer of classical Era. Salzburg is the place where he was born; the whole city is living memory of his legacy. You can visit his two houses which are now turned into Museums. There are concerts as well which you can attend as they are very frequently throughout the city.

One thing regarding Mozart which you will find hard to find are Mozart Chocolates which are made of Pistachio Marzipan Balls dipped in Dark Chocolate.

The place had also been the site for the shooting of The Sound of Music, a lot of scenes were cinematographed there and because of the widespread popularity of the place, tour companies organized The Sound of Music Trail, where they give you a sight-seeing experience of visiting those exact spots where the movie was shot.

With history and the ambiance, the city of Salzburg is sure to give you winter vacation goals, especially when the whole town glows up in Christmas lights, the sight is to behold.

Now, let’s scan the places in and around Salzburg you must visit when you are there.

Salzburg has a lot of scenic beauty and historical attractions as well as places around the city that aren’t to be missed.

First, we should scan the city.

  • Hohensalzburg Fortress

The Hohensalburg Fortress soaring in the Salzburg sky and the place is hard to miss your eye. The cliff which is in the landscape of Salzburg is where the fort is situated. You can reach the place in two ways, either you walk up to this medieval marvel or you take the funicular. 

The highlight is the view which you can witness from the fortress. The entire city is at your eye length and all that is in view are houses and other buildings covered in snow.

Inside, you can explore the dungeons, staterooms, the courtyard and the compound along with a 30-minute audio tour guide which will walk you through the place. Around Christmas, the courtyard of the fort is where the market is set up. But you will find cafes selling Christmas treats and Gluhwein, along with that you enjoy the sight of the city of Salzburg covered in snow.

Other things you should check out are the museum of puppetry, museum of the city and a chapel.

  • Salzburg Altstadt: Old Town

This world heritage site is the historic center of Salzburg and ideal to stop and catch up with the vibe the city of Mozart radiates. With beautiful ranges surrounding the town, you can be witness to the real beauty of the city which is cobbled stone streets, cathedrals, domes, monuments and lush open areas. The two biggest markets which the city host during Christmas are held herein Alstadt.
Most of the attractions which are novel to the city can be found here like:

  • St Peter’s Abbey, 
  • Cemetery and Catacombs, 
  • Nonnberg Monastery, 
  • Kapitelplatz, 
  • An art piece with a large golden sphere holding a man on the top
  • Salzburger Dome Cathedral. 

And like any other city, you can find nestled closely cafes, restaurants, and boutiques lined in the streets but by the evening they glow marvelously.

  • Salzburg Cathedral

Winters add charm to the Salzburg Cathedral which hosts the largest and the happening market during Christmas but the Catherdral is so majestic that it steals the show from the colorful and bustling market.

  • Residenzplatz

As grand as the name sounds, the place equally justifies the grandeur. Crowned with intricately carved sculptures, the fountain stands tall in the midst of Altstadt. During summer, concerts are organized around the place but in winter, the second-largest market is held here which is more vivacious when attended around dusk.

  • Mozart's Birthplace

In winter, this museum is a must-visit. The Mozartplatz looks significant and directs you to the house of Mozart where he lived in his initial years. You can explore the house inside, like the original rooms having furniture which is of the 18th century, even original documents, memorabilia and letters which are integral to Mozart’s life.
What makes the experience more rich and fulfilling is the Violin and Clavichord which was used by Mozart himself, which is displayed there.

Now, we should move to the places surrounding the city.

  •  Hallstatt

A trip filled with romance and breathtaking views, this little fairytale town, locked and hidden in the middle of the mountains, Hallstatt is banked around a serene and gorgeous lake, ticking all the criteria of what romance is made of. If you’re on a lookout to spend a getaway far from the bustling city, Hallstatt will prove to be that destination.

  • St. Gilgen & St. Wolfgang

Like the town of Hallstatt, both these towns are banked alongside lakes, that extremely picturesque and heart-warming and are not very far from Salzburg. In winters, their charms are at their best, with Christmas markets being the highlight as they reflect the authentic Austrian village vibe.

  • Lake Konigsee & Salt Mine

20 km from Salzburg is Berchtesgaden salt mine which is very famous. This trip would be quite educational as you will be taken

  • Taken in a miner's train into the mountains. 
  • Explained the process of salt mining and its history 

Then you can explore area and visit Lake Konigsee which would not be that frozen around the months of November and December. The lake is situated in the town of Konigsee, and you can use ferries and boats to explore the town.

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