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Exploring Winter Wonderlands across the Globe: Slovenia Edition

How does a winter wonderland come across when you close your eyes to imagine it? 

The first snowflake is the beginning and the end is probably you making snow fairies, snow fights and of course, snowman! Christmas in between all of this brings out the childlike joy and everything around turns merrier.

All of this and more you get to experience when you step in Slovenia. Let’s be honest, the name itself sounds like some ancient, fairytale-like, provincial town which is always covered in snow and the whole village has tiny houses, all of them have hot chocolate brewing. Just perfect we mean!

Untouched Snow

There is a place in Slovenia, the forests of Pokljuka which is a very scenic landscape, giving the impression of a herder’s hut that could only be cherished when you put your snowshoes and walk around. The place is just untouched and all you can see stretches of snow, which you have to compromise on because there won’t be many holiday lights, but so picturesque, you won’t miss anything at all.

Certain romance and love, is in the air, which adds to the charm of winter torchlight parade, where you have to walk under the full moon towards Vogel that has a breathtaking sight to behold of Bohinj Valley and the Julian Alps, perfect for ski enthusiasts and freeskiers. There are other places you can ski like Kanin, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, and the Logar Valley which along with that offers a tryst with nature’s bliss.

Lake Bled

The Lake in an hour from Ljubljana and is set amidst the Julian Alps which are snow-capped and picturesque to look at. Nestled in this view is the lake which can be covered on foot while you soak the view. Once you’re done taking in the beauty of the lake, you can visit the Church of Assumption which beautifully situated on the islet and dates back to 1698.

There there is Bled Castle which stands tall in glory and you can have a view of it can be seen from the lake itself. The castle has a renaissance history where the medieval style Romanesque tower is built in the oldest block, the rest of the building was built later during the 17th century.

Watching over the lake is the imperious Bled Castle. The oldest part of the medieval castle is the Romanesque tower while other buildings were constructed in the Renaissance style during the 17th century.

The Christmas Spirit

The capital, Ljubljana is a magical city to be in during Christmas. The whole town sets in shimmering lights, Christmas decorations, and dusting snow. The city is best witnessed on foot while you enjoy shops devouring the spirit of Christmas, markets bustling with people and Gluhwein steaming in mugs to sip.

Igloo Village

In this season especially, an igloo village is set up from scratch, every year. From outside, they ain’t that aesthetic to look like, they would come across as huge piles of snow but when you visit them, you can see delicate and intricate work done inside the igloos. Triglav National Park is where this is built, you can also have a chance to built your own igloo and have amazing food and fun inside it.

Slovenian Waterfalls 

The dread of splashing cold water and enjoying the same in understandable but Slovenian Waterfalls are adorable, as much as they are to be appreciated in summers,  during winters they are a sight to behold. There is a list of them that you must visit while you are in Slovenia to witness the sheer beauty they are. Kozjak Waterfall in Triglav National Park is one you mustn’t miss. One very adventurous thing which you can do while you are visiting them is to climb them because during winters they freeze.

Get Cozy in Ljubljana

To enjoy walking in the snow and dodging the crowd on the street, Ljubljana is one place in Europe you could find your escape in. An absolute wonderland during the months December to February, this place is fit to celebrate both Christmas and Valentine’s. For romance and Christmas spirit, this cupcake frosted dreamscape, as quoted in a blog, is a perfect haven to spend your winter holidays.

Piran on the Adriatic

If you are more of a sea person, you should definitely go to Piran. You can consider this Adriatic gem. This place receives very light snow and is slightly foggy. But what makes it so desirable and appealing is the view over the water you get with a glass of wine, if you may prefer that! In spite of being close to the sea, the place upholds the winter cheer as you would find winter special events and even seasonals with delicious foods and festive cheer!

Culinary retreat

Local cuisine is the best way to know a city, and that same goes for Slovenia. Slovenian food is one which you must have not heard about otherwise but is quite popular in the town of Slovenia. This delicious cuisine is a traditional amalgamation of Balkan, Italian and Austrian and reflects the culture as well as taste these regions possess. You should try Potica, Carniolan sausage, and Štruklji. 

Slovenian Wines

Slovenia is a haven for Winer lovers, so if you are one, you are in for a treat. A perfect way and reason to escape the winter chill ae to go on a wine tasting spree and enjoy the comfortable and cozy indoors.

You would find three wine regions in Slovenia which are main and famous.

1.    Drava Wine-Growing Region, 
2.    Lower Sava Wine-Growing Region, and 
3.    Littoral Wine-Growing Region

These places have wine as delicacies and speciality but you would find between these regions many more different varieties and mind-blowing wines which are local and a must-try!

Explore the Slovenian Caves

Slovenia will jar you with its mystical caves in the southern Karst region. Activities which you can enjoy like spelunkering which in turn will make your whole experience adventurous and thrilling. To put a number, there are about 13,000 caves in the Slovenian region and two most of the famous caves you must visit are Škocjan Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Postojna Cave near Predjama Castle.

Slovenian Spas or Hot Springs

It is native to the culture of Slovenia that you will find hot springs in the region. You will witness and come across many local spas. But if you wish to make this experience more authentic and a notch higher than the usual and local spas, then you must visit the natural hot springs situated in Dolenjska at the Toplice Spa.

From Slovenia, these are few handpicked winter wonderland experiences that you can enjoy while you’re at it.

By Blingbird - Luxury Experiential Travel Curators

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