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Luxury Travel: Redefined by Blingbird

What comes to your mind when you imagine Travel? 

Bagpack? Five-Star Hotel? Economy or Business Class?

Hard to guess for every individual, but fairly that, you agree? But what comes to your mind when we say Luxury Traveling? The search narrow downs to a shiny trolley, Five-Star, and Business Class. But with that, another thing strikes, a lot of money. But we here at Bling Bird challenge that. 

Luxury has this perception where it means a lot of money and affluent experience. But we forbid to confine to that mindset. BlingBird believes that the world has a lot to offer from the point of view of travel, but travelers are divided into two broad chunks: Bag packers or Leisure Travelers.

But how much do you know about Luxury Experiential Traveling?

Well, at BlingBird, 

“Experiential is our style - As we bring to the market more immersive travel, our focus remains in curating & finding the hidden gems, searching off the beaten path experiences and proposing newer and less explored destinations in the world. Blingbird also proposes Luxury private small group journeys, that are partially BY INVITE and partially OPEN TO ALL, to create a whole new consortium of premium travelers from the world. Away from the regular run off the mil journeys and destinations, we make sure to propose something that you may have missed in your travel before.”

Following what Steve once said, 


We are unearthing the Earth for you (Like Legit), to bring out the true wonders of the world and make them top your travel bucket lists. Here, you just don’t pay for the flight tickets and fancy hotels you stay in, you pay for the Unique experiences, unexplored places, and redefined cliche places.

Let’s hear what The Founders have to say about BlingBird.

“The founders who themselves are avid travelers found the need in the market to find one such travel company where they could find all their answers to search for something new. For a very long time, it was always these hours of research required, as most of the companies offered regular destinations, with incomplete research. 

The concept was launched for more evolved travelers, who have seen the regular Paris and London, looking to explore more, who do not wish to compromise on quality and service. The idea immerged from a personal need and came into the market as a big concept, evolving faster to establish as a luxury travel brand in the world to cater to the best of the best in the market.”

We ain’t saying that you haven’t seen that place, but you have not seen it through our eyes!

So to go a little deeper into the psyche with which BlingBird works, or how we are doing it differently. Let us take you to how our brain works when comes to traveling.

We make sure:

  • Our curated itineraries help you discover & explore all the proposed experiences, fairly curated by our local tour director guiding you to find the hidden treasures.
  • We are focused on immersive traveling and endeavors which help you uncover the local secrets to create memories for a lifetime.
  • Our Private Small Groups Journeys are the epitome of luxury, experiential, unconventional & private, curating like-minded guests to explore the chosen destination.
  • No coaches, No suffocating itineraries, no running around from countries to cities. Best accommodations, no compromises!
  • A perfect blend of included activities and leisure time. Explore your individual interests, at your own pace, and in your own time.
  • Our on-ground presence, allows us to manage your safety and security, which is our top priority.
  • Exclusive Premium frills are included, such as expert guides, executive cars with chauffeurs in each destination for your personal comfort.
  • Each day is tailored so you'll never feel rushed but never feel lagged either.
  • Our signature flavor will be reflected through the journey, whether it be through a special navigated road trip, a surprise party, wine tasting at a private club, a golf game, a music festival, the celebration of a special occasion, insider access to locals-only joints and much more. No destination experience is missed! And we love surprises too.

We also take care of day to day and special travel needs like:

  • You can have a Babysitter if you are traveling with your toddler.
  • A physician to look after you in emergencies.
  • A photographer, so that you never miss a moment and that you don’t worry about taking your phone each time you see something amazing you capture. Switch it off maybe, just let yourself be there in the moment, we got you covered.

A lot has been said about what we do. Shall we move on to what we are doing in real-time? The experiences unique and distinct in their approach.


Chasing Northern Lights with Professor Torsten

How about a Ph.D. explaining to you the wonder of Norway, the Aurora Borealis, very Northern Lights.  We won’t think you mind the exclusivity and the thrill of it. You must have heard people going there with guides, but someone who is an expert on the subject of the phenomena, we bet you would have not thought about this! Our BlingBird itinerary of Norway/Iceland offers more such wonders but this sure is something you would have not done or even imagined!

  • Stay in the Snow Hotel
  • Road trip around the Golden Circle
  • King Crab Safari

And so much more. You can check out the whole Itinerary here!


Learn Skiing in French Alps from a world champion 

We always want our kids to learn and get inspired by the best. We took to a notch higher got your special ski program for your precious teen to learn skiing from the world Champion’s trainer Mr. Grosset. It is a week-long extensive program in the French Alps, where they will also get a certification of being learned from the best. Isn’t this the perfect Christmas Gift? 

To know more about the program, you can visit this link.



Women who love to party

Sometimes, a trip should be more than what you learn from it but whatever you have learned, you go and revise it. Our trip to Croatia is handcrafted for women who love to party, and who embody free spirit and independence in style. It is a journey of twelve women tied by a common interest and trip filled with things they love to do.

You can check the itinerary on our website.

To summarize, we have taken the best experiences and took them to the next level, and we have infused some never seen or heard before travel journeys which are there to blow your mind completely. You can know about BlingBird and our adventures more on our website.


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