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The side of Northern Lights which no one ever told you

The taste of adventure is every traveler’s ultimate goal. A goal that never gets satisfied. The urge to discover more is endless and also are the possibilities of discovering them. MacBook’s Screensaver or a background to a beautiful quote, Northern Lights has been on everyone’s bucket list. This unusual phenomenon with a breathtaking view is a dealbreaker. You fall in love, without even realizing it. Let’s start with the basics.

Aurora Borealis is what Northern Lights are called. It occurs due to the electrical phenomenon in the sky, you can witness the streamers like figures in reddish or greenish light. 

But where exactly this phenomenon takes place? Norway is one of the countries to be blessed by this beautiful occurrence. A country with an above 5 million population, Norway is one of the three Scandinavian countries. The other remarkable things this Country offers are the lowest crime rates and one of the best countries to settle in, as per the ranking by the UN World Happiness Report. Isn’t the whole idea tempting? Majestic lights, a small and quaint place, and the best country to reside in! Let’s talk about some unconventional and groundbreaking facts of Norway’s Northern lights:

  • They are not just novel to Norway but has been seen around the south of Mexico, Alaska or Greenland as well.
  • The Auroral Spatial Structures Probe was a rocket launched by NASA in 2015 into the Northern Lights.
  • They have been in existence since 500s.
  • Legends are also associated with this beautiful wonder. According to them, they are the souls of the greatest deceased football players.
  • Some people have claimed to hear sounds when they are around the lights.
  • There are Southern Lights as well!!!!

So as you can see, few of them are facts and some folktales. For all, we can know, a place like Northern Lights might have a thousand more shocking, thrilling and amazing facts which you will witness but about hearing those facts from someone who can actually validate, deny or approve your inquisitiveness regarding this marvel. And here lies the biggest surprise for you all. Before getting to that and revealing it, at last, let us tell you something about BlingBird.

Bling Bird is a brainchild of a travel enthusiast who saw travel beyond staying in 5-star hotels and shopping from the best of the markets. Bling Bird specializes in curating the best of itineraries of trips you only had made to imagine in movies or classics. 
Coming back to Northern Lights, traveling with Bling Bird is so exciting is that you would have never witnessed something like this before. The way we have designed your whole trip is in itself has been both a challenge and an adrenaline rush. 

What do you usually expect when you go on an experiential trip? ‘Fine dine and beautiful landscapes to fall in love with’, you expect this with a well-informed guide who walks you through the place like you know it already. But do you think a guide would be able to let you experience Northern Lights, explaining all the complexities and wonder that place holds?

We have onboarded someone special to walk you through this one in a lifetime experience. We have Professor Torsten, a Ph.D. in theoretical Physics. We offer you an experience where you can travel, both Norway and Iceland the way you would have never thought. Just to give you a highlight, the schedule goes like this.

Gastronomical Extravaganza

A historical start to this journey will start from the very hotel you be staying in. The Grand Hotel lies in the Heart of Oslo with a rich heritage and breathtaking views. After filling up yourself with great food at the LING LING Restaurant, you will be taken out to explore the city, that too in a private car. It is made sure that you let the chill in their air calm your nerves and the beautiful city lets you mirror even more beautiful thoughts. And before you get ready for a winter wonderland, Scenic Hollmenkollen Restaurant for tomorrow, we will be taking you out to shop along with a guide to have all your best winter clothes to cozy up in the weather.

Delve into Snow Adventures

You thought Batmobile was cool? How about snowmobile and the scene around you is of Northern Lights. When your eyes are filled with the shimmery lights, we are going to stay up in a Snow Hotel, yes an actual Snow Hotel. Taking exotic and luxury to the next level, we will know life like never before. Then moving onto some feast for the tummy, so we will experience King Crab Safari, the sweetest of meat you could ever indulge in. There is something wild and fun when we make you do Dog Sledding over Frozen Fjords and your fantasies as a child coming back to life. The best of both worlds as they, but here more literally, we will visit the Russian border and let the wind do the talking with the other side.

Explore Auroras with an Expert 

We have someone very special for you on board to experience the Northern lights. Professor Torsten, who is a Ph.D. in theoretical Physics would be joining us to the Aurora Borealis to understand in-depth this wonder of the world. The fun has not stopped as we will go all in to the deep-sea fishing and exploring the Marine life and the delicacies. I mean Northern lights, can you ever get enough of them? Like you came all the way for it no? Yes, so we will be again chasing those lights but with some reindeers, feeling like the Christmas hitting us before December.

The Perfect End

The last few days to soak in the beauty and warmth this place emits, therefore we will be going little offbear to experience geothermal hot springs. A trip isn’t a trip if a road trip is not involved in it. So, we will be exploring the enigmatic Golden Circle on a Super Jeep, taking the last few days and its memories to the epitome. Apart from this, a sip of wine at a Glacier Restaurant, a helicopter ride to explore that same Geothermal Landscape. Your view won’t just be having dancing Northen lights but also Hot springs and geysers at Hotel Geysir, where you will explore this Brillance with a completely different lens. And by the end, nature’s very own wild show, lava tunnel will be the highlight of our last days in Iceland.

Your view won’t just be having dancing

What a rollercoaster! Need a neck pillow?

The idea behind our trips is to derive experiences these which you have never before. The idea a Professor who researched his whole life about this phenomena, taking you around and explaining this whole phenomenon, isn’t that chilling as an experience. Yes, we specialize in delivering such experiences if you choose to travel with Bling Bird. 

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