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Turkey - The Land of Cotton Castles & Aegean Sea

Turkey is a Biblical land with places and remains deeply rooted in history, religion, and culture. Places like Seven Churches of Revelation by the Aegean Sea make Turkey a proud and rich religious tourism spot. Apart from the historical importance the place carries, the geography of the place is also quite interesting. It is right where all three continents Asia, Africa, and Europe are in proximity. Amazing isn’t it? In today’s time, Turkey is the country safeguarding all this richness, and diversity it has been bestowed upon. Here we will be talking about two very special and distinct places which are homed by Turkey.

Cotton Castles: Cappadocia

Turkey’s Central Anatolia is Cappadocia, an otherworldly destination that tops the bucket list of many travelers. Valleys, rock formations and caves form naturally. Cappadocia, with its fascinating architecture, has 36 underground cities making it one of the hidden gems of Turkey. The highlight of the place is the rock formations, which are about three to four billion years ago old which formed due to some series of eruptions of Volcanoes.

But how were they named Cotton Castles? Let’s find out.

They are also known as Cappadocia Fairies because of the thick ash also known as tuff, which after the eruption over the period of time got eroded by agents of nature like wind and water, creating patterns that can be identified as Fairy Chimneys. Hence, the name was given, Cotton Castles.

There are underground cities in Cappadocia, which came into existence because of the nature of the rock that is soft and all of these cities are interconnected with underground tunnels, to begin with. Wicked!

This wonder also treasures a wonder which is also enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the ‘Göreme Open-Air Museum’. This region also shows a history of wine production and is already the largest producer of grapes.


By the Aegean Sea: Bodrum

Just like the name which resembles the regality and mystic of Game of Thrones, the place is actually a marvel to praise. Build where the blues of Aegean and Meditterean meet, in the middle stands tall the Castle of Bodrum built by the Knights of Rhodes. Apart from this grandeur, Bodrum is the star of the Turkish Riviera, Bodrum is a world-famous holiday destination for beach lovers. The city sits by the Aegean Sea and offers a rocking Mediterranean vibe to visitors. Its enviable location makes many tourists throng the numerous cafes, restaurants, and luxury hotels that line its azure coastline every summer. Bodrum attracts people from all over the world for Blue Voyage vacations, and annual yacht regattas & races.

A bright, warm and welcoming Turkish Art community is something to look forward to, bohemian culture and small galleries is a sight for sore eyes who are tired of seeing bustling city lights and concrete all over.

Both these beautiful cities are full of stories and rich heritage that one can get lost and not even regret. Challenge comes when you have to experience them on the ground like never before. No stress, Bling Bird got you covered. We have experiences that are especially curated for these two jewels.

In CAPPADOCIA, you get experience to

  • Float over the Fairy Chimney’s & Rock Cut Churches while experiencing the Sunrise in a Hot Air Balloon Ride. Then celebrate your safe landing with a toast of champagne.
  • Camel Riding in the valley’s which Ride through fantastical rock formations in the Red Valley, Rose Valley, or Meskendir Valley, and get a great view of the fairy chimneys and surreal landscape.
  • Experience Living in a Cage Hotel, these are entire hotels carved out of the landscape, letting you experience the true culture and beauty of the region
  • Visit the Goreme Open Air Museum, The UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Complete your day with a spectacular Turkish Night Show.
  • Discover Cappadocia’s UnderGround Cities.
  • Explore Turkey’s Salt Lake.
  • Enjoy high octane thrills and outdoor adventure with your mates on the Off-Road Quad Bike Safari in Rose Sword and Love Valleys.

In Bodrum, you will discover,

  • Explore the highlights of the Turkish coast with a Pirate Boat while the captain takes you to the scenic spots around Black Island, Camel Beach, and Aquarium Bay. Stopover to swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. 
  • Treat your body like a temple with a Turkish Bath experience and rejuvenate your senses in a Luxury Hammam of Bodrum.
  • Enjoy Incredible Dining Experience with 5 Star Yachts at the Bodrum Marina. 
  • Horse Riding through gently scented pine forests while admiring babbling freshwater streams.
  • Sail the spectacular Dalyan River with a local tour operator and experience Dalayan’s famous Mud Bath and Hot Springs. 
  • Private Visit to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.
  • Learn how to make a perfect wine and food pairing for dinner at Karnas Vineyards.

But apart from this, there is a hidden gem of Turkey which you must visit to experience this untouched and not-so-touristy haven of this country. As a city, Alacati is the best-kept secret, a luxury beach village in turkey famed for its authentic architecture, windmills, winemaking tradition, and crystal clear waters. It is an evocative beautiful beach town that offers the best wind and kite surfing in Europe, and to others, it never stops cheering you with its cobblestone colorful streets, bougainvilleas, cafes on the sidewalk, Turkish coffee, upscale shops, art galleries, and colorful doors. It attracts a lot of young crowds looking for water sports, beach clubs and slow- food scenes which makes it the coolest spot. Our pick of the season for an off the beaten experience is Alacati, as it brings out the charm from the novels you read of far off places, which were so serene and unreal in your imagination that finding it actually in existence is a miracle in itself.

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