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What would be your ideal Blingbird experience?

We have all the reasons to choose our life, and so should we choose how to enrich it. Travel can surely do that for you. Let me help you here :)

  • Three dimensional experience of a destination including few that are unique, wherein guest may always choose to experience a country as per their taste in knowing the buried history, Authentic culture, & Local people. Exploring the history can be quite boring to some, and to some it is of considerable interest. We may bring in some interesting speakers for you to enjoy the history. Culture & people can be explored in various forms depending on the destination.
  • Acquiring a new Learning: Every destination offers certain learning which can be distinguished. For those few who would choose to pick this in their journey may love it so much that they can make it a career in their life or develop a unique hobby.
  • Wacky Adventures added to a travel package adds more thrills in the journey. From hiking to biking, sea adventures, land adventures or sky adventures, you just need to be ready.
  • Off the beaten locations & accommodations: Taking you away from the crowd and bringing you close to the nature can be very relaxing, even if it’s done as a small part of the itinerary. Best located Villas are also one of the picks that families and friends can choose.
  • Culinary and Cuisines is of utmost importance in our itinerary. We may go as creative as possible in this. Taking you experiencing a cuisine with a celebrated chef, making an arrangement for experiencing the local food of the destination in an off-beat location, or just choosing the best selected restaurants for you to pick and explore. Blingbird Culinary Treats are specially curated experiences wherein we choose three best-selected restaurants at the destination for food tasting. Michelin star restaurants are always a choice.
  • Farms, Vineyards & Estates : Every destination is unique with what it produces as travel lovers are more and more hungry to visit the best of the best in the world. Tea and coffee estates, cheese farms, olive farms, lavender fields, all of it is a part of our itinerary.
  •  Road trip: You may be advised to drive a stretch of road for the very experience of it, whether it’s scenic coastal drive or a drive designed to enjoy inter city experiences, it’s a sure shot choice to pick if you love to do one.
  • Visit to a Village : Destinations have historical and scenic villages attached to their cities, which surely is a must visit, and that itself can be arranged with an exclusive drive.
  •  Interacting with the local : To know a destination, the best told stories are by the locals of the destination, a special lunch/dinner can be arranged for you to meet and know them and their life in that destination.
  • Private shopping experience with an expert guide to take you around the city and introduce you to the local market and designers.
  • Voluntourism : Giving back to the destination is an initiative Blingbird promotes. There are simple and practical ways you can make a difference during your travel.


Bling to the itineraries

  • Experts & Professionals: an experience is enhanced sometimes where we bring in special experts who brings a certain element to the whole experience that is not easily availed. From professors to biologists, from explorers to travel photographers, the trip can go to a different experience level.

  • Luxury cars / Vintage cars/ Private jet tours /Private Yachts/ Four by four Jeep Rides : You may want to sometimes look at the destination with a rather luxurious touch. Blingbird will add more excitement on these experiences by adding musicians and entertainment to keep you excited.

  • Wellness packages and retreats : Some people love to take few sessions of health and wellness experience that can add value to their daily life. We try to choose a destination which moves around the same.

  • Sports aficionado will surely love to visit some leagues if at all it’s happening in that time and period. Few destinations will give you an experience of learning a new sport from an expert. Blingbird will stich an itinerary looking at your interest in that. Visits to stadium is just another add on.

  • Sneak peak into a Festival : With hundreds of festivals all over the world throughout the year, why not try it when you are at the destination. It surely will bring a unique experience. Tickets are taken care by us, you just need to say yes.

  • Personalized arrangement for a special occasion

  • Private visits to landmarks

  • Dine with a celebrated guest

  • Spa and healing therapies offered by destination

  • Night clubs and cafes with private bookings

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