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Winter Wonderland: Champion Ski Clinic in French Alps for you Younger One

Winter is that time of the year which is full of curiosity, wonder, and amazement, especially for your Kids. They are supposed to excite and leave you with the frenzy like the chill breeze. But what are you even planning this winter for them? Do you need a little motivation?

Skiing? Well, winters are also a synonym for Christmas, Sled Dogs, and Winter Wonderland. How about your little one learning a whole new way to spend this coming winter?

BlingBird is extensively working on curating experiences which not only stimulates the traveler in you but also a learner, always on the lookout to evolve. This winter, we are creating a winter wonderland for your overachieving kid who doesn't settle for anything but the best. We are happy to bring this experience to those few selected kids exclusively taken to be trained by the Instructor to the French Olympic champions - Mr. Stephane Grosset. 

Ski clinic in the French alps is one such selected program that is off the beaten path into this unique village setting. Travel & learning today can be educational and experiential as various destinations offer diverse opportunities and it's completely on us what we want to bring back. Contrary to popular belief, traveling can teach you more than a classroom, so here we are to propose the same to our kids, an opportunity to learn in a setting which makes learning more joyful. 

We have been crafting this program for quite some time and now we are all ready to propose this exclusive learning program coming from the Alps especially for the kids.

The plan for this epic goes something like this:

Welcome to the Alps

The first day is all about cozying up to the new environment so the kids will be made comfortable in the Hotel along with the essential winter clothing for the skiing next day will also be distributed amongst that. After that, to give the feel about how the whole experience of extensive training would look like, we would have a team presentation and a session about the upcoming program for the week. That night kids would be sleeping early to wake up energized and charged up for their first big day.

“The Week”

The week will be challenging, life-altering and an eye-opener for the Kids. 

- The first day at the ESF French Ski School would be their introduction to the basics of Skiing by the ESF ski instructors. We are going to keep the first day, light and after the session, the kids will head to hit their beds to actually start the real hustle of this program.

- The next day they will be meeting their ESF ski trainers where they will learn mountain rescuing with a rescue patroller wherein they get to know:

  • How to search for people caught in an Avalanche using a DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector.

- What is important to a person living in acres of land covered in snow? Well, a house to keep him warm, apart from just bonfire. We will be witnessing these little ones to learn and build an igloo, becoming true Eskimos, followed by their favorite childhood fantasy of building a snowman as a part of a fun content or ice-skating, whatever they wish to opt.

- So, the previous night, we will finally bring them close to what they have been anticipating so far, meeting the Olympic champion trainer- Mr. Stephane Grosset. But before actually making them meet him, they will be given a brief introduction about him through a video that will be presented to them during dinner. On the 5th day of their training program, they will be meeting Mr. Grosset. The house will be open for the kids to talk, take photographs, selfies, and autographs with him. That whole day, they will spend with him, from morning formal introduction to lunch with him.

- A twist is there on the 5th night. Kids will not be having a meal at the hotel but they will be having dinner by the bonfire. But when the fun ends beside the bonfire, they will head back to the hotel with their torches and headlamps to have a good night's sleep after such an eventful day.

- We come to the end of this thrilling experience on the 6th day where evaluation begins. But before that, the last and the 5th lesson will be taught to the kids. Afterward, the kids will appear for an exam called “Etoiles du Ski Francais” where the assessment will be done whether the lot has been able to absorb the gist of this training program or not. Along with this, a reward ceremony will also be there to encourage and felicitate our new Ski champs.

- There will be a retreat by the evening, where kids can choose to either whether they want to go swimming, enjoy with the sled dogs or can go skate in the Ice Rink. The Award ceremony will be later, by the end of the day followed by dinner.

This enthralling journey comes to an end when they all say their final goodbyes and leave for the Airport. What a week! But this experience of a lifetime will stay with them forever, with new friends and skill so exceptional, they will cherish it. The aim of this whole extravaganza is to introduce enthusiastic kids to spend their summer or winter, in this case, with and amongst people who are like-minded, risk-taking and experimental in their approach towards life in general. In hindsight, they develop and learn things they didn’t imagine they would and from the best of that field. Nothing beats that feeling and confidence which such experiences bring to the table.

Adding spark to your Child’s mind and skill-set, BlingBird ensures and strive to bring such experiences and programs at your doorstep. For more such travel experiences and offbeat destinations, head to our Website, we have something for all age groups and interests.

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