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As we call ourselves experiential travel house, our team takes extra effort to bring a whole new experience to your business travel plans as well. There is a continuous demand for providing newer incentives, selecting destinations to hold meetings & conferences, creating joyful events and forums, therefore our research team makes sure to bring something new on the table to offer the best to our associated companies.  We take pride in coming out as one of the unique travel desk to serve big & small corporates, start up communities, business houses and make sure everything is seamless and smooth. 

Corporate wellness incentives – In the present corporate scenario, stress full lifestyle can lead to low performance. Therefore we need to come out with many successful wellness initiatives to provide some type of incentive program to help employees with their journey to mental and physical health. Our goal is to rejuvenate employees from wellness programs, to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long run - ideally, permanently. Traditionally, improving performance & behaviors revolves around education, but today that isn’t enough to get best results. Good companies now are using value based incentives to encourage employees to be better performers and also healthier. 

Meetings/Conferences/Events – From selecting most unique destinations, designing the experiences, taking group entertainment, to selecting every guest’s favorite coffee and tea we make sure there is no space left for disagreements. Blingbird personalized desk will chart out the entire event, with many surprises to bring you back with a smile. We have negotiated and selected 350 properties worldwide from smallest of villages in Europe to the big towns of America to make sure a different environment is created and a meaningful purpose is solved. 

Co Branding Partnerships /Tie Ups – We believe in exchange of services with companies that match our synergies and share similar client base. Co-branding can be an effective way to build business, boost awareness, and break into new markets, and for a partnership to truly work, it has to be a win-win for all players in the game. Blingbird attends to a huge market, serving luxury and evolved travellers, and it’s equally important to identify complementary products through customer segmentation, persona building and good marketing. We are always on a look out for another providers that target the same niche.

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