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Unique India

India, by and large, is a very diverse country, and it is difficult to describe it in a few words, nor can it be shown in one time visit. From north to south, east coast to west coast, it keeps changing it's landscape and culture. From designing super luxury experiences to off the beaten path stories, we chose to pick and curate India in a more creative way. Every resort that we pick or any city that we choose, we make sure that it has its own unique story behind. India, is truly a mysterious country that can only be cherished by a true travel aficionado. Looking at your taste and time, we bring you the best of India in our very own Blingbird style and opulence. To give you an idea, we have formulated a few medley of places that you can club together for your personal bespoke Itinerary. Let's take you to explore - UNIQUE INDIA.

Inspiration to Discover Luxury India


This itinerary brings you the fusion of royal India along with its natural reserves and striking national parks. India, being the very land of royals, sets a perfect flavor to the whole experience. As these magnificent palaces have been opened by the noble royal families, at many off the beaten locations in India, it will surely entice you to live a day like a royal and enjoy its warmth. On the other hand, safari experiences for the wildcats changes the spirit and puts you into an adventure mood.

Off the beaten hidden glamorous resorts

Get up close with hand made gems & jewelry of India

A close look at the royal games as this is a birthplace of modern polo

Flip over exotic culinary

Visits to private Art galleries & historical Monuments

Enchanting wildlife drives & dinners


India hosts nine important rivers, out of which three flow from the himalayas and creates a picture perfect landscape for travelers looking to connect with nature. We curate this itinerary for those discerning travelers who wish to pull back, get inspired, become spacious and detox from the hectic lifestyle. The exotic locations will take you up close to the peaks and in the next moment bring you close to the thundering rivers where you can also dare to take a dip. This entire itinerary can be a mix of active adventures, activities & drives, along with best selected resorts to relax and rejuvenate.

Farm to table organic farm lunch

Mountain biking & baking

Visit to an authentic village to connect with the locals

Camping & Hiking the trails

Stargazing and night forest walks

Freshwater fishing & cooking

Exotic Hidden resorts to connect with nature


India hosts one of the world’s oldest and most diverse cultures. The country that boasts of its rich heritage can inspire any curious traveler to come with an open mind and get to the heart of the destination. While you cross from one state to the other, you will see the contradiction of every experience making this journey exotic and idiosyncratic. You can expect to stay at various off the beaten sites and cities which gives a larger picture of Indian traditions and the story behind its origin. Added to the flavor in this itinerary are the enchanting retreats that will not just leave you spellbound, but will show you the hidden treasures of indian therapies and healing manuals. It’s just the right itinerary where luxury meets with indian culture and hospitality. Don’t miss to be dressed like an Indian, with fantastic photo shoots to be taken back home.

Exotic organic culinary treats / farm to table lunches

Visit to the wonder of world - Taj Mahal & hear the story behind its making

Stay at the most exotic locations & spa retreats with wellness learnings

Immerse in the stories behind the golden temples to ancient temples which has an archaeologically confirmed history of more than 5016 years.

Nature walks and picnics

Travel with an historian to add to the flavor, learn and unlearn the real truth.