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Limited guests - Small group Journey

Our Private small group Journeys are specially curated to escort and bring like minded curated travel enthusiast an opportunity to Invest in experience. We invite those discerning enthusiasts, who love to fully explore a destination with the best of the experiences,  exclusive itineraries , away from the ordinary in the market.  

Quality travel along with experiential is our style, along with a touch of entertainment, to keep the interest  going during all our journeys. We do not believe in suffocating itineraries, and love to explore the destination one at a time. Our limited guest list will give you the leverage of very personalized care by the team director, along with some unique experiences that are difficult to avail otherwise.  

Sapphire waters of the Adriatic coast - Croatia

This is a special curated trip to Croatia to bring together like minded women who love to party & feel invited to explore this idyllic haven on the Adriatic, known for its richly historic and evocative cities, exceptional food and wine, come up close with the locals, their culture and its heavenly sailing waters. With three hundred miles of rocky coastlines, it truly is a holiday paradise with a perfect mix of clubs & cafes and blue islands. Dubrovnik and split shall remain our main resting points. Let's take you back to the late 16th century for a beautiful ride to this Blue country. Luxury and comfort being a pre requisite, not an add-on. 

 Indulge in the Experiences

  • Culinary Walk with a local Chef
  • Explore the city from the perspective of a passionate local viewer. 
  • Private sailing to an exotic Island
  • Road trip to get up close to the coastline 
  • Experience & taste the best Wines
  • Exploring an Oyster Farm 
  • Explore the Villages in a VW Beetle car
  • Champagne sundowner at a Panoramic Restaurant 
  • Local tour director
  • Star accommodations
  • Private Transfers

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