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Single Parents Journey


Single Parents Journey

What is the Idea behind this small group Journey? 

Being a single parent can be very demanding on both the child and the parent, and sometimes one would like to share the feeling with few others who can add to the proud feeling of how well one has perfected the journey. There was a high demand to bring this group together from all over the world, who are looking for a company for themselves as well as for the kids. This journey surely takes away your stress from hours long planning and finding a new destination, executing it well, also keeping security in mind, and always facing the hassle of how to keep your child busy. The journey will propose a blend of adventure and activities that suit both the age groups while you create new relations & friends with many memories to bring back.

What constitutes a Blingbird Experience in this journey ?

  • Luxury Hotels/ off the beaten stays / Adventure camps
  • Active experiences and rides 
  • Exclusive Learning program from the destination
  • Expert & Special guest invites 
  • Cooking and culinary sessions with fellow friends 
  • Fine dining and Lunches 
  • Hiking & Biking 
  • Private premium transfers 
  • Champagne parties and dinners for adults 
  • Philanthropic activity 


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