Champion Ski Clinic for Kids - Megève French Alps


Champion Ski Clinic

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No. of guests :20 kids max

Blingbird brings to the kids - An exclusive ski learning program at Megeve, known as one of the world's iconic ski destination, set in a rustic, stylish and traditional alpine village at the foot of Mont blanc and one hour away from Geneva. If you are a sports lover and a child who loves to travel and learn new experiences, then this is for you. Welcome to the French Alps for the Alpi Ski Clinic. If you love snow adventure, thrill and sports, you will no doubt learn and have a wonderful experience with the experts of the world in this program including being in the company of an OLYMPIC CHAMPION. The Program includes all kinds of experiences that french alps can offer to our kids with adventure, learning and entertainment being of prime importance. Blingbird Team will constantly watch over the kids so that every child is given personal care where they do not miss thier families back home. 
On the program, seven learning days of ski with instructors from the prestigious French Ski School with their red anoracks, a day on skis with a Ski Champion, the test of "Les Etoiles du Ski Français" and the award ceremony at the end of the week. 
Promise yourself : "I shall put on my gloves and my helmet, discover the snow, the mountains, the rules of safety on the ski slopes, participate in a mountain rescue workshop with a professional patroler, I will learn, play, slip, go straight, I shall brake, I shall fall and get up, laugh, turn left and right with my skis and enjoy every experience in this learning". Meet, greet and learn the stories of a French SKi Champion / World Champion to know thier journey and how you can be one like them. 
Expect to discover the French mountain gastronomy with each day a different specialty served, and you will put the hat of the "Chef de cuisine"  for a big cooking contest.

Ours base camp 
Alpe d'Huez mecca of French skiing with her longest ski slope in Europe of 18 km descent and her legendary road of 21 turns taken by the cyclists of the Tour de France.

Indulge in the Experiences / Learning 

  • 3 Hrs of cross country skiing everyday with the trainer to the world champions
  • Exploring and visiting the cheese farms 
  • Hands on cooking class for kids by a renowned chef to learn about the french cuisine 
  • Learning an Olympic sport - Curling 
  • Snow shoeing in the midnight forest 
  • Snow sledding - A downhill experience 
  • A day with a world olympic champion 
  • Certification ceremony depending upon the performance recognised by the renowned french ski school


Your journey, Our expertise, Blingbird Style

As every guest is important to us we take special care to keep everyone happy and create a lifetime memory.

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