Women Who Love to Party - Croatia Women Only Group Journeys


Women who love to party

18th Apr – 25th Apr’20
No. of guests :8-12 Max
Reserved :8 seats
Open to all :4 seats

Sapphire waters of the Adriatic coast - Croatia

When we say "Women who love to party, we do not mean to party in a club. If you love food, wine and adventure, and you can enjoy the true spirit of a croatian lifestyle, this travel is surely for you.This is Blingbird's special curated trip for women to discover Croatia. This is an exciting itinerary which has been curated with details to bring in the best of this coastline in a seven night time frame. It is truly meant for those dicerning travel enthusiasts who feel equally excited to discover & explore this idyllic haven on the Adriatic, known for its richly historic and evocative cities, exceptional food and wine, their culture and its heavenly sailing waters.

Croatia boasts almost 2000 km of rocky shore and more than a thousand islands, out of which many are blanketed in luxuriant vegetation. Few Islands that are inhabited propose experiences that are Off-the-beaten-track, quiet coves and stone-built fishing villages make you feel as if you’re visiting Europe at its most unspoiled form. This country has something for all but you truly need to know how to do it right, as you may just get swayed and only visit the top ten attractions offered in the online spaces. Croatia's cool and contemporary sheen can be evidenced in its arts attractions and galleries, its swanky hotels and cocktail bars, and flashy yacht-filled harbours. The country also has a growing reputation for niche festivals – not just in the party-the-weekend-away music events held on beaches and in ancient forts up and down the coast, but also in the mushrooming number of arts festivals and small-town cultural shindigs.

As we love to do it off the beaten way, this journey is a good mix of exclusive culinary experiences, local walks in the cobbled streets, sea adventures, island hopping, private sailing, visiting and tasting the best of wines, truffle hunting, exploring the villages, road trips by the sea, tasting the olive oils and learning the story behind it. Local intervention is always the highlight of any of our journeys.

Istria, Dubrovnik and Hvar shall remain our main resting points. Hotels and properties are best-selected five-star accommodations in the region. Detailed itinerary is only provided on request.   

Blingbird small group journeys are kept by invite and reference only, and the first preference goes to Blingbird members club (ORBIT OF OPULENCE), Guests who have travelled with us before, collaborations & associated partners. Few seats are left OPEN for new people to join and become a part of this exclusive travellers club.



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As every guest is important to us we take special care to keep everyone happy and create a lifetime memory.

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What to prepare for Clothing?

September is not cold but can be hot sometimes. In this period, you should have summer clothing and for emergency a wind jacket and at least a pair of trousers. On the coast is windy so it's always better to be covered.

What VISA is required?

Multiple entry Schengen Visa, because this journey has a road trip where in we cross the border or Bosnia.

What are the Types of Accommodation?

We provide you with 4 star and 5 star hotel accommodations.

Is Croatia a friendly country?

Croatia is super friendly and offers a healthy and positive outlook on the whole.

How will be the weather in September?

The average daily temperature in September ranges from 16-19°C (61-67bF), with the highest still a lovely 24°C (about 75°F), and the lowest temperature is only around 13°C (about 56°F).

Is it a woman only journey?


Can i see the complete Itinerary?

We offer you a list of highlights which brings you close to the type of journey this is. The proper itinerary will be given once you have been booked with us.

What currency should i bring?

The currency of Croatia is Kuna.

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