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Women Who Love to Party - Women Only Group Journeys


Women who love to party

What is the idea behind this small group journey ?

Women today are leading the stories, breaking the barriers and are the most curious travellers, who are ready to see more of the world and are faster in building great communities together. The inspiration behind this journey is to bring together and celebrate the independent women of today, who are unstoppable, sharing similar synergies. Blingbird brings a new era of luxury small group journeys to the women who are looking to explore a destination with unique elements that are away from the regular journeys offered in the market . 

When we say " Women who love to party", that surely means a certain kind of energy that this active holiday will bring in the entire journey, with loads of bucket list experiences and indulgence, and get ready to rock and roll at the destination. 

What constitutes a Blingbird Experience in this journey? 

  • Luxury hotels / Unique Hotels 
  • Exotic Destinations 
  • Experts and special Guest invites 
  • Exotic culinary locations / Vegetarian friendly 
  • Premium experiences of the Country/town/Village 
  • Off the beaten path experiences 
  • Spa to pampering oneself 
  • Private premium transfers
  • Guided shopping with the local
  • Visiting the festival of the destination (If any)
  • Champagne parties and Dinners  


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