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Wine & Culinary Getaways

If you want to understand a place, there is nothing better than their food to start with. Let's get into those yoga pants so that we can eat to our heart's content.

Exquisite tastes call for Exquisite times. These experiences are better enjoyed when you handpick each activity that suits your style. Therefore, we help you with such experiences that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and make your heart flutter thinking about the gourmet food you are about to savor along the journey. An expedition for all the culinary enthusiasts is what we plan with experiences and exploration around food and topics revolving that.

The food itself is a journey, from being sown to ready to be eaten, it is important to give it that pedestal to tell its story. At BB, we think these stories are to be heard, loud and clear!

Inspiration & Experiences

World's leading wine & culinary destinations