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The sapphire waters of the Adriatic coast – Croatia

Why we chose to design this destination?

Croatia is a destination with stunning landscapes and goes well with all age groups. If you enjoy beaches, Islands, water sports, cafes & bars, nightlife, extreme adventures, or if you love to immerse in food and wine, or simply wish to unwind, then this is your choice.  Croatia has an amazing 5,835 km of coastline, out of which 4,057 km belongs to islands, cliffs and reefs. There are 1,185 islands in the Adriatic, while only about 50 are populated. Its perfect dazzling white pebbly beach, shine along the coastline, all geared up with buzzing cafes, which are a part and parcel of a Croatian lifestyle. They do have sandy beaches too, but are rare which host lazy days spent in just lounging. With endless water-based activities at hand, it can immediately turn into an active holiday.

What will our itinerary design look like?

Croatia can be as active as you want and as relaxing as you wish to be. Depending upon your thirst to get to the very heart of the destination, an exclusive experience can be created. The journey proposes best blend of land and sea adventures, and also hosts a world heritage town - Dubrovnik, an old city encircled with massive stonewalls, from 16th century. Hoping from one land to the other can be super exciting. For foodies, Croatia offers excellent wine tasting experience, their seafood is to be savored along with exploring the olive oil tasting that are making their mark on the world stage. The best months to travel are from April to October. 

This is what you can expect along with few unexpected surprises 

  • Island hoping, Cruising and sailing on the Adriatic coast
  • Wine tasting, truffle hunting & olive oil tasting 
  • Kayaking, snorkeling Scuba diving with white water rafting
  • Croatian cooking experience

  • Exploring the national parks, castles & the Museums
  • Private shopping 
  • Exploring the Croatian villages 
  • Sky diving or exploring the villages on a bike
  • Guided Road trip

  • Music Festivals & Sports Leagues 
  • All private Transfers 
  • Best selected star hotels and resorts
  • Off the beaten path experiences in the wilderness 

Travel Guide

  • Capital : Zagreb
  • Currency : Croatian kuna
  • Dialing Code : +385
  • Languages : Croatian
  • Local Tour Director

Noble Itinerary

  • From INR 3,12,000 /couple
  • For 6 Nights/7 days
  • 4 to 6 destination experiences
  • 4 Star accommodations
  • Private Transfers
  • 24x7 support service

For Elite and Paragon itinerary contact on +91 9999120883.


Marym gailani

“I have traveled for the first time with Bling bird and it was excellent, the places we stayed were lovely. Everything was so well handled that the bling bird team has put this trip into A plus category. An experience of a life time for me.”

Gunjan Singh

“An exciting itinerary with maximum comfort. All stops and activities were well thought of, with enough scope for leisure. While on one hand there were the husky rides and fishing, there were also the lanes of Bergen and Tromsø whn you’d miss the city. With Norway, Blingbird gave me the best mix of wild and the city and a holiday to remember than a stamp on my passport. :D ”

Ujjwal Sharma

“BlingBird has an interesting style of designing an itinerary, they explore the destination in a unique style and have more experiences to offer than just hotels and regular sight seeing. Totally love them 👍”

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