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Essence of Blingbird


The quest was to create a world of Travel which was driven by experiences that weren’t of everyday. BlingBird now a Travel House, specialises in such journeys that provide off beat experiential travel, hand-crafted learning programmes and facilitating journeys along with a new adventure of togetherness.

Every invention comes out of a need which went unfulfilled or uncatered to. BlingBird is that one invention which emerged when world of Travel desparately needed one.

A New Change in the World of Travel

We just take care of what was missing in the market - Creative Travel

Now, the zest of travel has outgrown its own definition. Million of Vacations go wasted every year as people have the desire to travel good but land up instead into the regular pattern as they lack time to plan something untrodden. BlingBird is that connection between the disconnect they have with their usual travel and next-level travel. It is just not about luxury travel but about authencity a journey brings to the table and something which goes amiss if they plan their own arrangements.

Luxury Group Journeys Redefined

Earlier, group travel lacked the character and dynamic which is needed amongst travellers who are about to experience a place together. Another major disconnect which diluted the quality where the focus was more on the lines of touch and feel of a destination.

BlingBird took charge of restoring that quality by focusing on the group dynamics and saying “no” as well when the synergies weren’t same amongst the travellers. Every stop along the journey is promised to deliver the authentic essence of that place, so that the promise of Immersive Travelling, stood firm.

Conceptual Learning Programmes for all Age Groups

Travel not only rejuvenates but allows one to explore their intellectual side. As every destination brings a new learning, someone can make a career of it and we surely believe that their is no age to learn something new in life. Blingbird takes pride to bring the treasures from the world to all ages who wish to acquire new learning in a certain unique setting where destination experiences are also combined for an added flavour.

Research to Identify Newer Destinations

Finding new experiences and destinations to explore and identify new trends by having a fresh and out of the box places handed over to the travellers who demand unseen side of the world before it goes mainstream. Here, we play a role of finding and curating travels for them which cater to the wanderlust and exploration they seek from a destination. Curations and Destinations are handpicked in coordination with the locals, skipping the hype about the top destinations which are spoken over loudspeakers on online portals.

Establishing International Venture Partnership

The brand is aggressively growing and establishing as an International company with a clear intention of bringing multi cultural travel lovers together. Guests who come from various parts of the world share better realtionships and can bring a fresh outlok to the whole experience of the journey. Blingbird has established and brought positive partnerships & joint ventures in international regions who are now an authorised booking partners of blingbird journeys at local regions.

The Brand has the quality of being trusted and believed in.

We have established credibility & trust and gained recognition only because of our exclusivity in work. We are proud to be endorsed and recommended by many happy HNI clients for our exceptional work in the line of experiential itineraries.

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