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Booking Terms and Conditions

(Blingbird Travel House)


Bling Bird Travel House is dedicatedly working to bring next level travel experiences for premium travellers from all around the world. The company was formed in 2018 and is registered with company number 07AATFB9267B1Z5. The brand took off well since then and is exclusively working to be the best luxury experiential designers in the country.

Our work culture 
The brand is run by strong team of young designers who are passionate travel enthusiasts, aggresively working to create next level travel itineraries to best selected destinations in the world. The idea that started to shape from a need in the market where the real knowledge was missing with the agencies, we took off exceptionaly well by creating exquisite first rate experiences for our guests with creative itineraries. The team is always full of enthusiasm and energy to create and find something new, with continous review & wrangling to be the best in the country. The brand is growing rhythmically with many guests joining the club of Blingbird travelers and getting addicted to our style of itineraries and journeys. The vision is clearly shown in the performance of every team member to make a journey the best experience of every guest. Most of the destinations are also visited and personally been curated, that we propose to our guests who have the taste of doing it differently. We also make sure to respond to you within 48 hours and welcome questions and concerns throughout the planning process. 

 Guest & Data privacy is also of prime importance to us. We will make sure it is not given out for any other marketing activities except for Blingbird internal mails that shall keep you informed for all its membership benefits and private invites for special experiences and journeys

Policy before we start your design
As our design is exclusive to every guest, we also need to make sure the seriousness of your requirement before our team starts to create the design for you. Blingbird's research team & designers start working on any journey/celebration with all end to end plan, and engage with the guest with total commitment & responsibilty. With due respect to your budget, we will create a unique experience for you. Have a quick look to our process below before you receive your exceptional plan.

  • An initial Designing fees depending on the scope and criteria of the journey.
  • This fees is non-refundable in case the guest wishes to not take it forward, it becomes our handling & designing charges.
  • Upon booking the final proposal, we are happy to credit the handling fees from your total invoice amount.
  • To confirm & book the final itinerary we require a 50% deposit of the total package.
  • The balance must be paid within 30 days prior to departure.
  • For clients who decide to pay with Master card and Visa, we will need to add a fee coverage of 2%. If paying by PayPal, we add 3.5%.

Cancellation policy
We appreciate that from time-to-time it may be necessary to cancel your plans. Full refunds of deposits are available for cancellations made 90 days or more prior to the arrival date. Refunds on deposits for cancellations made less than 90 days prior to arrival date will be subject to penalties based on the following schedule:

61-90 days = 30% of trip price
31-60 days = 50% of trip price
0-30 days = 100% of trip price

Refund policy in case of natural calamity/disasters/national emergency

Bling Bird travel house may, after conclusion of the Travel Contract, revise its contents and services for any of the following reasons: natural calamity or disaster, poor weather conditions, civil unrest, suspension of service rendered by transport/accommodation facilities, provision of transportation not based on the original operational plan, governmental orders, or other circumstances beyond our control. Blingbird reserves the right to take necessary measures when safe, smooth tour operation in accordance with the itinerary is deemed impossible, or when there is a valid reason to believe that the tour cannot continue. In such cases, Blingbird shall explain in a timely manner its inability to function, and will refund the neccesray balance within 15 to 30 days of period (whereever possible)  only after the remitance received  from the destination partners/providers subject to the travel and tourism policy only in case refund is applicable. however if there are circumstances which are beyond the resonable control of the parties i.e. force majure, then in such a case the criteria of remitance of amount within a period of 15 to 30 days shall not be applicable on Bling Bird Travel House as it may fall under non refundable criteria as in case of national emergency or unforseen natural distaster, no party shall be held liable for non payment or non reimbursement subject to the standard clause of the agreement.

Package rate
We provide a package rate of the entire itinerary selected by the client with a break up of hotels, trains and flights only. Few bookings of luxury cars yachts etc can be offered seperately. 

Not our responsibility
Blingbird travel house cannot be held responsible or liable for any injury, loss, damage or delay arising out of, or in connection with any act, omission, neglect, accident, error or default of any such persons providing these services. Bling Bird cannot also be considered responsible for any alternation of the itinerary, if such alterations become advisable or necessary for the safety and/or wellbeing of the client(s). Bling Bird Travel house cannot be accountable for costs or other liabilities associated with any act of terrorism, war, accident, weather or any act of God.

Your Responsibilities
 It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid passport and Visa to visit destinations. We can help you to process the same. Please consult your doctor before travelling to ensure that you are healthy and up-to-date with any required vaccinations. Make sure you have travel insurance before your trip.

Changes in Plan
We understand that you may need to make minor changes to your itinerary once it has been confirmed with your deposit. With sufficient advance notice and within reason we will do our best to accommodate your needs. You may find that this will incur additional planning fees and/or non-refundable deposit payments in addition to the amount initially quoted.